What’s in the Box?

Every week we explore a series of boxes for our topics. These are the boxes…and what’s inside them.

Wonder Box

In Wonder Box we will revisit something from the past (a book, tv show, or movie) and see if it holds up.

(Recommended episode: #6 – Disney Renaissance)

Memory Box

Let’s get nostalgic! In Memory Box Bill, Anne Marie, or one of our listeners shares a memory and how it relates to our topic.

(Recommended episode: #8 – Theatre)

Tool Box

Sometimes we need to give you the tools to explore a certain topic on your own. Tool Box does just that by providing the resources to dig deeper into a topic.

(Recommended episode: #11 – Drunk)

Soap Box

In Soap Box we put host vs. host on controversial topics like Superman, Quiddatch, and beyond.

(Recommended episode: #12 – Superman)

Game Box

If you like playing games then you are in the right place! Game Box lets us share different games and game reviews for your viewing/listening pleasure.

(Recommended episode – #2 – Retro Tech)

Phone Box

Some topics just call for an expert, and in Phone Box we give them a call and pick their brain.

(Recommended episode: #4 – Vacation)

Box Theatre

With our background in stage theatre we had to bring in a little acting! We act out a short scene/story in Box Theatre…usually of a comedic nature.

(Recommended episode: #14 – Ghosts)

Recipe Box

You can’t do an episode about cookies or chocolate without sharing a recipe or two. Recipe Box lets us do that.

(Recommended episode: #3 – Cookies)

Music Box

Some things are just better in song. From playlists to lyrical interpretation Music Box has it all.

(Recommended episode: #13 – The 90s)

Lunch Box

When we open Lunch Box it is time for a taste test. Can you identify the brand or ingredient?

(Recommended episode: #7 – Coffee)

School Box

Sometimes it’s a DIY and sometimes it’s a history lesson, but you are going to learn something in School Box.

(Recommended episode: #16 – Harry Potter)

Idiot Box

Have you ever seen Mystery Science Theater 3000? It’s kind of like that 🙂

(Recommended episode: #10 – Manners)

News Box

Sometimes our shows are a little more timely than nostalgia…so we offer you current events in News Box.

(Recommended episode: #15 – Everything Old is New Again)

Idea Box

Do you have questions for us pertaining to an upcoming topic? Submit them HERE and we will answer them in the Idea Box.

(Recommended episode: #1 – Home)

Mail Box

We love feedback! Send us your voicemails, letters, videos, songs, stories…everything and we will share it when we check the Mail Box.

(Recommended episode: #9 – Nickelodeon)


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