#7 – Coffee

This week we’re talking about coffee. We’ll pop open the Lunch Box to guzzle down a gallon or two. Then we’ll look into the School Box to make fun of an old coffee documentary. We’ll peer into the Tool Box to learn how to DIY your coffee. Next we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box. Finally we’ll hop on our Soap Box to figure out if coffee is good for you.

Show Notes

Universe Box subreddit

Joshua Herbert – Folgers Coffie Commercial

“This is Coffee!” Documentary

Climate change puts coffee at risk, EPA chief warns

Tonight's Lunch Box.
Tonight’s Lunch Box.

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8 thoughts on “#7 – Coffee

  • March 20, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    Hi guys! In this episode, I thought you mentioned al Paleo-coffeecake … pleasePleasePLEASE share!! My mouth has been watering for a week, hoping you’d post the recipe. I also checked the Crunchy-Crafty blog and I didn’t see it … am I just missing it? Thanks!!

    • March 21, 2015 at 12:28 pm

      Karell!!! The Coffee Cake will be up first thing Monday morning at Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated! I hope you love it as much as we did.

      • March 22, 2015 at 5:24 pm

        Yay!! Thank you so much! Sugar & carbs make me feel crappy but I still have such a sweet tooth … I love finding new recipes, I’m sure they’ll be wonderful!

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  • March 28, 2015 at 4:58 am

    One of the big trends in the coffee world these days is single-origin coffee. From what I understand, it basically means that the coffee you’re drinking comes from beans grown in a specific, single place in the world, rather than just having beans from all over the place harvested, thrown in a huge pile, mixed up, and having flavors added to them. This way you really get some very strong and very unique flavors. Each varietal has its own identity and tastes very different from the next. My favorite coffee shop, Black Tap in Charleston, SC, does this. Also, cold brewed coffee is a big thing now. This is iced coffee that is brewed using cold instead of heat. The other method of making iced coffee, the pour-over (pouring hot coffee over ice) is good as well, and each method has their own advantages. I personally prefer my coffee cold, since it’s easier to taste it that way. You can really savor the nuances in iced coffee, instead of having to drink it fast to avoid getting scalded.

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