#6 – Disney Renaissance

This week we’re talking about the Disney Renaissance. We’ll pop open the Memory Box to see Rebecca’s trip to Disney World. Then we’ll look into the Wonder Box to compare versions of The Little Mermaid. Next we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box. Finally we’ll call David Crow from Den of Geek in the Phone Box to hear the true behind-the-scenes story of the Disney Renaissance.

Show Notes

Universe Box subreddit

Laurine Tellier’s Instagram (created the Little Mermaid picture we used for the cover art)

Lyanne Low’s Disney Medley

The Little Mermaid and the Disney Renaissance: 25 Years Later by David Crow

Rebecca Johnson on Twitter

JTT on the cover of Disney Adventures
JTT on the cover of Disney Adventures
Ariel by Laurine-Tellier
Ariel by Laurine Tellier

Look at this girl. Isn’t she sad?
She’s having boundary issues with Dad.
Funny when you’re an adult
she seems like a brat.
She’s grown up but can’t see the danger.
She manipulates animal friends.
Who’s the guy she loves? He’s a stranger!
Does she care? Dad knows best? Guess it depends….
A witch gives her aid, takes her voice in the trade. It’s “The Little Mermaid”.

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