#31 – Mr. Show with Bobby and Bill

Come celebrate the classic series with Bill Meeks and Bobby Hawke. We’ll bring Bill’s college roommate JG along to discuss all of our favorite sketches, as well as our hopes for the new Netflix show W/ Bob and David.

Show Notes

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Chat is at live.universebox.com

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Link to Mr. Show cover from opening


The Altered State of Drugachusetts

Blind House/House of the Future

The Best Kickstarter Video Ever

Life is precious, and god, and the bible

Weeklong Romance

The Devastator

Globochem (Pit Pat)

Pre-Taped Call In Show

Lie Detector Sketch

Monsters of Megaphone

Bobby on Twitter

JG on Twitter

Josh Aronoff on Twitter

Rick Flair was There

THIS WEEKEND: Two special Mr. Show events

Live Tweeting W/ Bob & David (Friday, 8:00PM EST on Twitter): Follow Universe Box and Bobby Hawke on Twitter to watch the new show along with us. We’ll start at 8pm and have a few breaks in between.

W/ Bob and David W/ Bobby and Bill (Saturday, 8:30PM EST at http://live.universebox.com): We’ll dissect the new Netflix series. Find out what we liked, what we hated, and if they recaptured the ol’ magic.

Send in your reactions to the Mr. Show revival and we’ll read them on the show!

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