#26 – TableTop

This week we’re talking about Tabletop gaming. First we’ll open up the Game Box to find out if we know our Monopoly from our Candyland. We’ll peer into the Memory Box to watch an intense night of TableTopping with our listeners a few weeks back. Finally, we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.




Show Notes

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CLUE: The Musical

Arkham Horror

Landlord’s Game

NEXT WEEK: Next week, Universe Box is looking forward and backwards at the same time! Strap on your jetpack because we’re talking RETRO FUTURISM on next week’s Universe Box.

What’s your favorite fictional future? What’s an invention you were promised as a child that never materialized? Ever hear a prediction about the future that came true? Tell us what you would do on a date with Judy Jetson! We’re talking RETRO FUTURISM next week on Universe Box. It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Next week’s Wonder Box: Tomorrowland

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