#25 – College

This week we’re talking about College. First we’ll watch the classic film Good Will Hunting in the Wonder Box. We’ll dig out some old college keepsakes in the Memory Box. Next, we’ll put a quarter in the Phone Box to talk to Jason George about our time at West Liberty State College. We’ll pull a card from the Recipe Box to concoct some dorm cuisine. Finally, we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.



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Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

  • Jungle Juice
  • For this you need:
    • a cooler
    • a bag of ice
    • cut up fruit (berries and melon are awesome)
    • a bottle of Everclear
    • a bottle of vodka
    • Hawaiian Punch

Step 1 – add the fruit to the cooler

Step 2 – pour in Everclear and vodka

Step 3 – add Hawaiian punch to taste

Step 4 – add ice (to cool and help and help water down)

This punch is best if you can make it ahead of time which gives the fruit time to soak up the alcohol.


  • Jello Shots – Another one of my favorites is jello shots. These are easiest if you have a full sized fridge, but could totally be done in a dorm fridge when necessary. You will need:


    • Jello mix (I prefer orange)
    • Water
    • Alcohol (I prefer vodka…usually orange vodka)
    • plastic shot glasses with lids

This one is crazy easy…just follow the directions for making the jello, but substitute alcohol for the cold water. I find that you can’t really taste the alcohol with orange, but I have known people who make margarita flavored shots with lime jello, tequila, and triple sec…yum!


  • Ramen Mac and Cheese  – This recipe combines 2 of the most common college foods, Ramen and Mac and Cheese! I probably lived on this for about a year. You’ll need:


    • Ramen – choose your favorite flavor…I always choose a variation on chicken
    • cheese – shredded or sliced will work
    • water
    • spicy mustard

To prepare, crumble the Ramen into your favorite mug and sprinkle with seasoning packet. Then cover the noodles with just enough water to cover. Heat in the microwave for 1 ½ min – 2 min, or until noodles are cooked to your desired doneness. Then drain some, but not all, of the water before adding cheese and a squirt of spicy mustard. This way your noodles have absorbed the flavor or the Ramen packet, but are topped with a yummy, cheesy sauce.

Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting


Good Will Hunting

Now for a tale of two boys from Southie.
Sean’s an old shrink. Will’s smart but he’s mouthy.
They’re two men whose lives are ruled by excuses,
their lives both were rocked by stunning abuses.
But together they’ll end their emotional stunting,
in the 1997 classic “Good Will Hunting”.

NEXT WEEK: Next week, Universe Box rolls the dice! Set up the board so we can talk TABLETOP on next week’s Universe Box.

What’s your favorite tabletop game? Did your family have a game night? Ever create your own game? Tell us how you lost your best friend over Monopoly! We’re talking TABLETOP next week on Universe Box. Does anybody here know how to play this?

Next week’s Wonder Box: Good Will Hunting

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