#24 – Robots

This week we’re talking about Doctor Who. First we’ll pull a card from the Recipe Box to show you some great resources for making your own Doctor Who snacks. We’ll jump in the Phone Box to talk to DebDebDeb about our favorite Gallifreyan. Next, we’ll talk about the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie in the Wonder Box. We’ll cover all the Who News for you to use in the News Box. Finally, we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.

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Full Interview on Robotics with David Calkins

Robots Dreams

Eagle Eye (2008)

Human or Machine? Life-Like Android Robots from Japan Show Glimpses of the Future

‘Weird hotel’ in Japan run by robots who handle guest relations, transport luggage and clean rooms

Leave It to Roll-Oh (1940)

Not Quite Human
Not Quite Human

Not Quite Human

Jonas Carson built an automaton.
His name is Chip and he’s an Android phenomenon.
His sister Becky might not like him much,
but she’ll change her mind when his heart is touched.
If Vogel reprograms him his chest will be boomin’,
proving Chip Carson is “Not Quite Human”.

NEXT WEEK: Next week, Universe Box is getting our learn on! Pack the mini-fridge as we go to COLLEGE on next week’s Universe Box.

What’s your major? How long did it take you to pick it? Ever go to a crazy dorm party? Tell us how you juggled school and a part time job! We’re talking COLLEGE next week on Universe Box, and you guys better keep it down in there or we’re going to call the R.A.!

Next week’s Wonder Box: Good Will Hunting

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