#20 – Politics

This week we’re talking about Politics. First we’ll debate left vs. right in the Soap Box. We’ll open the School Box so a listener can teach us about non-American politics. Next, we’ll conduct the first annual Meeks-DeSimone Debate in the Game Box. We’ll learn how to be a good US citizen in the Idiot Box. Finally, we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.




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Tuesday in November

NEXT WEEK: Next week on Universe Box we’re decking the halls with bows of holly! That’s right. We’re celebrating CHRISTMAS on next week’s Universe Box.

What’s your favorite Christmas carol? Have you ever had trouble making it home for Christmas? Want to share your family’s eggnog recipe? Send us your Christmas list! We’re talking CHRISTMAS next week on Universe Box. Can somebody clean up all this tinsel?

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