#18 – Cats and Dogs

This week we’re talking about Cats and Dogs. We’ll climb up on our Soap Box to decide which is better, Cats or Dogs. We’ll flip on the Idiot Box to watch The Stupidsticious Cat. Rebecca Johnson will tell us about her brother’s dog JJ in the Memory Box. Next, Anne Marie will tell us why we should adopt (not shop) for our next fur baby. Finally we’ll pull out some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.

 Cats and Dogs


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The Stupidstitious Cat (1946)

Frank and his Dog (1952)

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My Favorite Animal- Fossa Fouche

FOSSA – Amazing Predator

We’re So LOST Podcast Pilot

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The Trials of King Sparrow

NEXT WEEK: Next week on Universe Box we’re have a toga party while we dodge the lightning of Zeus! That’s right. We’re digging deep on MYTHOLOGY in next week’s Universe Box. Who is your favorite greek god? What about modern mythology like superheroes or My Little Pony? What’s the most messed up mythological story you know? Send in your own original myth! We’re talking MYTHOLOGY next week on Universe Box!

Note: For next week’s Wonder Box we’ll be watching Disney’s Hercules!

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