#15 – Everything Old Is New Again

This week we’re talking about how Everything Old is New Again. We’ll stick a quarter in the News Box to talk about all the reboots coming your way. We’ll flip on the Idiot Box to watch some classic comedians try their own reboot. Then we’ll open the Music Box to talk about one of Bill’s favorite songs. We’ll both hop on the Soap Box to decide once and for all if nostalgia is worth your time. Finally we’ll answer some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.



Show Notes

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SunnyD 2015 Rollerblade


Full House Reboot


JNCO Jeans


Vacation Reboot


Jurassic World

Jem and The Holograms


Duck Tales

Danger Mouse


Power Puff Girls

Lion King


Magic School Bus

Star Wars





The New Three Stooges: The Noisy Silent Move

Everything Old Is New Again Cover by Maximum Power

The Trials of King Sparrow

NEXT WEEK: Next week on Universe Box we’re taking a run at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters! That’s right. We’re off to Hogwarts on the next Universe Box.

Do you have a favorite piece of Potter fanfic? Where would the sorting hat place you? Does quidditch make you squeamish? Show us your Hermione cosplay! We’re talking HARRY POTTER next week on Universe Box!

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