#14 – Ghosts

This week we’re talking about the Ghosts. We’ll sit down in front of the Idiot Box to watch a classic Casper caper. Then we’ll usher you into the Box Theater to see what happens when the Scooby gang meets an actual ghost. In the School Box we’ll teach you about fictional phantasms. Anne Marie tells us The Tale of the Haunted Purse in Memory Box. Finally we’ll answer some questions you submitted through the Idea Box.



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Spooky Ghost Story…

Casper – A Haunting We Will Go

Scooby Doo, Where Are You? (MxPx Cover by Shaggy)

The Trials of King Sparrow

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NEXT WEEK: Next week’s on Universe Box we’re bringing it back. What is it? Everything! That’s right. Everything old is new again on the next Universe Box.
What fashions do you want to see make a resurgence? Have an idea for an Alf reboot? What sitcom sequel are you looking forward to? Tell us why you’re buying legwarmers and JNCO Jeans. EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN next week on Universe Box!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Bill has a convention so the next Universe Box will be May 21.

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