#1 – Home

This week we’re talking about “Home”. We’ll open the Wonder Box to find out if Galaxy High and Rainbow Brite still give us warm fuzzies. Next we’ll take a trip home in Memory Box. Finally we’ll be cracking open the Idea Box to discuss homespun topics from our listeners.

Show Notes

Wonder Box Episodes:

Rainbow Brite finds a colorless world.

She needs the light spear but finds a small girl.

Her friends Twink and Starlight are both vain and dumb.

But no dumber than the minions of the Evil One.

The color belt found, Wisp declares her plans

in her premiere “The Beginning of Rainbowland”.

A jock dude and geek girl get sent across space

to a very mundane yet fantastical place.

Doyle and Amy land at a high school in space

where Amy’s the queen while Doyle’s outpaced

Earthlings are hated, and we aren’t quite told why

Weird things are afoot in “Welcome to Galaxy High”


  • Home is where you make it.
  • Home is family, but family can be whoever you want it to be
  • Home is the place where you feel the most like yourself, or the truest version of yourself.
  • Home is a warm blanket and comfy pants.

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