The Fakist 1×06 – The Fake Cast

EPISODE 6 – With a beloved Fakist family member dead, our team is behind schedule producing a memorial special. Executive Producer In Charge of Production LeAnn Snyder came up with a killer idea: A Fakist podcast! In the first FAKE CAST, LeAnn interviews The Fakist himself Paul DaFoe. Find out how he got his start in #FakeNews, and how he’s handling our big loss. PLUS: #BreakingNews We finally reveal who let the dogs out. This is the FAKE CAST, and we probably won’t make any more of them.

Covering the fake news… For Real.

Paul DaFoe, along with the best news team in the business, breaks fake news from the worlds of politics, sports, entertainment, and Neptune.

If the news is #BREAKING, it’s probably The Fakist who’s breaking it.


PAUL DAFOE – Bill Meeks

LEANN – Rebecca Johnson

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