Greetings from Storybrooke Episode #180 – (S06E19) The Baby Hunter

Join Bobby, Liz, and Tony as they discuss the latest episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time!

(S06E19) – The tale of the Black Fairy is one we haven’t heard. Is she evil or is she good? The lines are certainly getting blurred. Rumple’s dreamworld reveals oh so much as we learn his mother was mortal once. Gideon and Emma help Rumple uncover that his mother always loved him (or so we discover). Rumple’s destiny was to become the savior, yet the shears of destiny cut that off (not doing him any favors). The Black Fairy became who she was to protect her son, a great evil that cannot be undone. Not everything is coming up merry in this week’s episode “The Black Fairy.”

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