Legends of Gotham #102 – (S03E21-22) A Fitting Finale

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss Gotham’s Season 3 finale (and close up shop)!

(S03E21-22) – When is it okay for a man to be sick? When that man is Jim Gordon (with a Tetch virus kick). When is Bruce Wayne not like himself? When he’s keeping his emotions up on a shelf. Who is “Cyrus Gold”? Somebody knows. Will he be born on a Monday with fancy dress clothes? Will Penguin and Riddler ever make nice? Is Ed still alive in that block made of ice? Who is that kid colored like coal? With “Destiny Calling” Bruce has a “Heavydirtysoul”.

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A Final False Start

Of course. We set out to record an awesome last podcast and the sound didn’t even go out over the stream. We eventually started over once we found out, but I managed to piece back together the false start open to our big podcasting curtain call.

Thanks to everybody for all the support over the years… WE LOVE YOU.

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Legends of Gotham #101 – (S03E20) Jim in a Box

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss the penultimate episode of Gotham Season 3!

(S03E20) – Will Bruce end his madness after killing the Court? Getting revenge leaves him feeling short. Will Lee’s love for Jim lead to his death? He rethinks the breakup while gasping for breath. Does Penguin have soldiers? Not any more. Will Fish conscript him, or is she still sore? Is Union Station the new madness canteen? Citizens drink up the virus from a “Pretty Hate Machine.”

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Greetings from Storybrooke #182 S06E21 22 The Deeper the Crime

Join Liz, Tony, Bobby and special guest Bill Meeks as they discuss the season (or is it series?) finale of Once Upon A Time

(S06E21-22) Emma’s just crazy (or so she’s been told). A result of a curse from the mother of Gold. She’s stranded the others in Fairytale Land but Henry’s determined to give them a hand. Without Emma’s belief the lands start to crumble, so Henry decides to get help from Rumple. When Gold makes the fairy dust fit for an urn, in a flash the town’s memories start to return. Yet that’s not quite the end, the savior’s vision still stands. It’s Emma v. Gideon for the sake of the lands. Will Emma fight this time? The answer is nope, because she’s determined the true power is hope. As good defeats evil the realms reappear and everyone gets a happy BEGINNING…is that clear? But wait?!? Who’s that girl? Is that Henry? Seattle? We start a new book in this week’s “Final Battle”.

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Legends of Gotham #100 – (S03E19) #ButlerLife

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss the latest episode of GOTHAM!

(S03E19) Why does Barnes wear a painted-on mask? To separate his present from past. How many statues did the court make? Their maps can survive a Joker-sourced break. Will Penguin kill Riddler? We’ll find out next week. Can Ed stand up to an army of freaks? Is Lee damned now, or will Jim clean her blood? Whatever comes next, “All Will Be Judged.”

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