Legends of Gotham #69 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone (along with their guests Rebecca Johnson from Supergirl Radio and the HolyBatPastor) as we discuss the hit DC Comics movie BATMAN V SUPERMAN!

Why does Batsy hate Supes so much? He thinks he’s a god who’s losing his touch. Is Lex Luthor a madman savant? He tricks our heroes with family-based taunts. Who’ll win on fight night? Could go either way. Can they set beef aside to go save the day? Will the other heroes adapt Lex Luthor’s brand? Justice will dawn in “Batman v Superman”.

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Greetings from Storybrooke #158 – (S05E15) The Sorcerer’s Appendix

NOTE: Chat will be available at http://www.live.universebox.com

Join Bill Meeks, Anne Marie DeSimone, and special guest CJ Boat as they explore the world of ABC’s hit series Once Upon A Time.

(S05E15) – With Emma’s help Hook is quick to recover. A knock on the door? Turns out it’s his brother. Liam’s the hero Hook emulated, a betrayal at sea being unstated. The Apprentice points Henry towards his broken pen. The Sorcerer’s mansion comes back again. Will Liam move Hook to lofty new zones? Siblings unite in this week’s“The Brothers Jones”.

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Legends of Gotham #68 – (S02E16) Asexual Penguin

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone for their discussion about the latest episode of FOX’s hit series, Gotham.

(S02E16) – Will Penguin be named the Van Dahl heir? Gotta admit they have the same hair. Can Jim survive his time in Blackgate? The Warden is hoping to see him smacked straight. Is Bullock lonesome? He need his Jim. Will his plot for escape turn things quite grim?Sasha’s Plan B. Will Oswald commission her? Who can choose life when living as “Prisoners”.

PLUS: Our spoiler-free review of Batman v Superman!

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Greetings from Storybrooke #157 – (S05E14) Greetings from Underbrooke

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone (along with special guests Bri and Alex from Other Side of the Mirror and WTFangirl) as they discuss the latest episode of the ABC seriesm Once Upon A Time.

(S04E14) – Hades sends Hook down the Lost River. Gold’s crystal ball gives him quite a shiver. To save his old enemy he’ll need his ex whose aura will cancel out Hades house hex. Regina is on the hunt for some closure. Cruella provides the gravestone disclosure. That’s more than some shade Rumple just threw. No big surprise. Evil is what “Devil’s Due.”

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