Legends of Gotham #74 – (S02E21) Hoo’s that Lady?

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone to talk about the hit FOX series “Gotham.”

(S02E21) – Which cabal bankrolls science most foul? You’ll get your answer by asking the Owls. Can Catgirl save her long lost friend Brigid? The heat from her gun makes mortals fidget. Will Bruce save her? With help from his friends. Will Strange’s mad science come to a good end? Who couldn’t cuddle Fish? Ain’t she adorable? In Arkham she’s one of “A Legion of Horribles”.

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Greetings from Storybrooke #164 – (S05E21) Everybody Curses

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone to talk about ABC’s hit series Once Upon A Time.

Arthur is out of places to flee. Now that he’s dead he’s the new Mr. Smee. They search Hades’s lair for part of the book. Emma must learn to let go of Hook. Zelina’s protecting her newish companion from heroes who want to kill him and damn him. Fresh lives go dark as old ones relight. What face did we make while viewing “Last Rites?”

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Legends of Gotham #73 – (S02E20) Dues Ex Cobblepot

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone for an explosive discussion about FOX’s hit series Gotham.

(S02E20) – When will the Death Knight remember his sister? He might recall if he truly kissed her. Will Hugo Strange evade the police? He’s hoping his shredder will make warrants cease. Is Penguin jealous? He’d like a cape. Is Galavan goo quite easy to scrape? How many “Hail Marys” for killing a priest? Azrael goes to pieces once Penguin’s “Unleashed.”

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Greetings from Storybrooke # 163 – (S05E20) All About That Face (No Baby)

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone, along with special guest Anthony Hooper (Hoops!) to talk about this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, “Firebird.”

(S05E20) – Hades engages our heroes assistance. The Stilkskins move his Zelena some distance. We learn the tale of Emma’s red jacket (her leather armor if she thinks to pack it). Captain Swan is true love! This ship is confirmed. Shame that their time has finally termed. Hades outwits one higher nerd. The flames start to fly in this week’s Firebird.

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