Universe Box #21 – 12.08.16 – Pigs On-Liiine

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they bring you the latest in pop culture entertainment news. From books to Broadway to TV and video games, they’ll tell you what’s inside the Universe Box.

In this episode we talk renting Justice League when it’s released, skipping the checkout line with Amazon Go, and the return of Pigs in Space. All that and more inside the UNIVERSE BOX.

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We’re So LOST #26 – (S02E01) Desmond’s Domino’s

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they explore the world of ABC’s Lost for the first time.

(S02E01) – The hatch is revealed as some dude’s slick mancave. There’s running water so Desmond can shave. Back in the past Jack chooses the life of the dumped chick who’ll become his wife. They thought they were first, turns out at least eighth. No man’s an island in “Man of Science, Man of Faith.”

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Greetings From Storybrooke #173 – (S06E10) It’s a Swanderful Life

(S06E10) Emma’s wish to have never become the Savior comes true, a wish that David has no idea how to undo. The Evil Queen’s plots are working in her favor, yet what she doesn’t count on is Regina becoming braver. Regina ventures into Emma’s wish to save her, it works and Emma finally does remember. Escaping this wish is hard I must confess, when Regina’s true love comes back, what a mess! The first-half of the season is over, but don’t shed a tear, in this week’s “Wish You Were Here.”

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