We’re So LOST #28 – (S02E03) The Other Others

Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone have never watched LOST. Join them as they explore the mysteries of the Island for the very first time.

(S02E03) – Down in the hatch we count down to disaster. Desmond functions as the doomsday forecaster. Kate shoots the only thing that could save them from sending society back to the cavemen. Will the Dharma Initiative lost their third station? Not if Jack passes his “Orientation.”

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Universe Box #22 – 12.15.16 – Ayer and His Sirens

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they bring you the latest in pop culture entertainment news. From books to Broadway to TV and video games, they’ll tell you what’s inside the Universe Box.

In this episode we talk the only wine dispenser you’ll ever need, Molly Ringwald joining the cast of Riverdale, and David Ayers answering the Gotham Sirens’ song. All that and more inside the UNIVERSE BOX.

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