We’re So LOST #31 – (S02E06) Sayid’s Love Shack

Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone have never watched LOST. Join them as they explore the mysteries of the Island for the very first time.

(S02E06) – Shannon is haunted by the ghost of young Walt. The tail end crew stumbles and it’s all Sawyer’s fault. Sayid’s love shack is a cool place to hang. Will Shannon survive Ana’s big bang? Claire’s baby is calm once Locke puts his hand in. Aaron might be the only one who isn’t “Abandoned.”

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Legends of Gotham #95 – (S03E14) I’m Every Joker

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss Gotham’s Winter Finale!

(S03E14) – Who doesn’t love a night at the circus? These carnival games are making me nervous. Is Gotham a city without it’s own hero? Thanks to Jerome the number ticks up from zero. Will Ed kill the Penguin? He certainly wants to. Is a friend still a friend after he shoots you? Will Jerome’s Arkham cell come with funny blond amenities? He teaches Bruce “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”.

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