Legends of Gotham #95 – (S03E14) I’m Every Joker

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss Gotham’s Winter Finale!

(S03E14) – Who doesn’t love a night at the circus? These carnival games are making me nervous. Is Gotham a city without it’s own hero? Thanks to Jerome the number ticks up from zero. Will Ed kill the Penguin? He certainly wants to. Is a friend still a friend after he shoots you? Will Jerome’s Arkham cell come with funny blond amenities? He teaches Bruce “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”.

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Virtually Real

Join Bill and Anne Marie as they talk virtual reality – the good and the bad.

From Episode #26 of Universe Box “Goodbye Mary.” Watch the full episode https://youtu.be/ZwYrn0Vrtsk

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We’re So LOST #30 – (S02E05) Making Our Jins Come True

Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone have never watched LOST. Join them as they explore the mysteries of the Island for the very first time.

(S02E05) – Sun gets caught up in mourning the loss of her ring. It’s more about Jin than the bedazzled bling. Sawyer’s group leads the tail crew back to their home. It all falls apart when Michael roams. A chance dinner date becomes something profound. Her Jin might be LOST but their love is “…And Found.”

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Universe Box #26 – 01.26.17 Goodbye Mary

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they bring you the latest in pop culture entertainment news. From books to Broadway to TV and video games, they’ll tell you what’s inside the Universe Box.

In this episode we watch the Juggalos get organized, help Barack Obama find a new job, and say good-bye to Mary Tyler Moore. All that and more inside the UNIVERSE BOX.

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