Greetings From Storybrooke #170 – (S06E07) The Loverade

(S06E07) – The Evil Queen is trying to steal Snow and Charming’s heart! But she’s trying so desperately to keep them apart! Her plan is so evil and cruel that she doesn’t have anytime to be cool. Her revenge is right within her grasp, but there is something that she needs from the past. The sapling is the only way to stop this evil queen’s plan but Snow and Charming just might have to take a stand. For the Queen has no mercy for these two love birds for she shows her awfulness in this week’s “Heartless”.


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Legends of Gotham #88 – (S03E07) Deconstructing Jim Gordon

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they talk about the ins and outs of FOX’s hit series Gotham.

(S03E07) – Who could love a madman like Ed? Someone who looks like the gal he made dead. Will Bruce burn Selina’s soufflé? His butler might try to scare her away. Who has Barbara become? Jim’s conscience bellhop. Who can save him from her psycho hell drop? Will Jim deal with his baggage or get stuck with Miss Kean? Let’s all take a whiff of tonight’s “Red Queen.”

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Greetings From Storybrooke – #169 (S06E06) Finding Nemo

(S06E06) – Hook’s ship has been breached by a special person who has come to teach. This captain needs a lesson he needs to know that revenge isn’t a blessin. Henry and Hook have been captured upon a place where Hook has been before, but his brother Liam has a personal settle to score. This all takes place in this week’s “Dark Waters”.


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