Legends of Gotham #112 – (S05E11-12) The End


What story started five years ago? It’s about a city, a calling, a Dark Knight hero. What comprised most of our thrillin’? The heroes were nice, but we loved the villains. Did it end strong? As good as we’d hoped. Will we ever forget Riddler and Penguin tied up with rope? Some moments were weak, but most were quite awesome. We’ll never forget the Legends of Gotham.

Stick around. We’ll be back with more cool stuff soon!

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The Fakist Gets Real

What’s The Fakist? Writer/Creator Bill Meeks, along with cast members Anne Marie DeSimone, Rebecca Johnson, Wynn Mercere, Bobby Hawke, and Roberto Villegas discuss their scripted “sketch dramedy” podcast about a news team that covers the fake news… For real.

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making over five hours of content with the help of forty people from three countries.

Find out more at https://thefakist.com

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Legends of Gotham #112 (S05E10) The Bane Of This Episode


Who is the man who shot good Ol’ Jim? Zsasz always had quite the problem with him. Why do people love Ivy so much? They can’t resist her poisonous touch. Is the GCPD secure? Not any Thursday. Will baby Batgirl survive till her birthday? Is Gotham a prison without any warden? It all depends of the verdict in “The Trial of Jim Gordon.”

Who is the daughter of the Demon’s Head? She’s feeling vengeful ‘cause the Demon is dead. Is Hugo Strange’s science insane? The answer is “yes.” The validation is Bane. Is Alfred injured? Pretty much always. Does Barbara Kean shoot from wheelchairs in hallways? Who was the man who caused all that pain? An answer from the shadows: “I Am Bane.”

Get more episodes at legendsofgotham.com

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Legends of Gotham #111 – (S05E08) Filler Croc

Join Bill and Anne Marie to discuss this week’s scarring of #Gotham!

(S05E08) “NOTHING’S SHOCKING” – Who’s the man haunting Gotham’s dank sewers? This killer Croc is more than just rumors. How did Mr. Penn manage to survive? Lax coroners, and a dummy disguise. Is Jane Doe evil? Harvey’s to blame. Does her ivory mask hide more than her name?Will Scarface’s debut get Ed and Pengy talking? They bond over a bullet in this week’s “Nothing’s Shocking.”

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Legends of Gotham #110- (S05E07) Crazy Ex J Friend

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they return to discuss the seventh episode of Gotham Season 5.

(S05E07) ACE CHEMICALS – Where has Alfred Pennyworth gone? He’s back in the mansion, a buttling pawn. Will Bruce survive another night at the cinema? Jeremiah gives his grief a much-needed enema. Is Barbara pregnant? Yes, but who’s asking? Who’s left in Gotham to suffer J’s gassing? He looks like the Joker, but should we remain skeptical? Who else could fall into a vat at “Ace Chemicals”?

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Legends of Gotham #109 – (S05E06) Batgirl Begins

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they return to discuss the sixth episode of Gotham Season 5.

(S05E06) Can Jim break a sprint in polished dress shoes? He’s a cop on the run, with nothing to lose. Who would dare invade Penguin’s den of treasure? Magpie’s the no-goodnik. They’re birds of a feather. Should the cops trust the Riddler? What, are you high? Will Ed bomb his audition to be a good guy? Will Secretary Walker conquer Fish Moonie’s bitches? Eduardo needs more than Jim’s “13 Stitches.”

Find more episodes here, or at LegendsOfGotham.com.

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