Greetings from Storybrooke #176 – (S06E14) A New Beginning

Join Bobby, Liz, and Tony as they discuss the latest episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time!

(S06E14) – It’s the final showdown: Regina vs. Evil Queen! Who will win? Grab your popcorn and your magic juice and let the battle begin. A glimpse into the past reveals who the Queen hates more than Snow White is… Herself!? During the fight, Regina remembers her long self-loathing, decides not to kill the Evil Queen, viewer’s tears are flowing. They now share love and pain, and can move forward from their past, the Evil Queen’s reign is over, which wasn’t a blast. The Evil Queen gets a do-over and where does she go? She gets to be with Robin in the wish world, bravo! The Evil Queen is finally free in this week’s episode “Page 23”.

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Greetings from Storybrooke #175 – (S06E12) Daddy Issues

Join Bobby, Liz, and Tony and they discuss the latest episode of Once Upon A Time!

(S06E12) – Hook wants Davids blessing for Emma’s hand, but will Charming give him the answer he demands? Charming’s father appears from the dead to let him know that he’s been misled. David’s quest leads to his father’s killer in this season’s epic thriller. Is this there murder on the prowl in this week’s “Murder Most Foul”?

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Greetings From Storybrooke #174 – (S06E11) Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Join Bobby Hawke and Liz Plascencia discuss the latest episode of Once Upon a Time!

(S06E11) Emma and Regina are trapped in a wish. Can they get out, in a dish? Robin’s alive and Hook is fat, can August save them in no time flat? Robin Hood’s life is no epic tale, Regina brings him back on an epic scale! Gideon has grown, and to his mercy Emma’s been thrown. One epic wish has already been granted leaving our heroes all empty handed. Gideon and Emma fight to see who’ the best, but will they find out who’s “Tougher than the Rest”.

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