VIDEO: Curleyworld Memories

A trailer for the WRDB television documentary featured in DOGBOY: DEMON’S DARE (Dogboy Adventures Book 3).

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Welcome to the place where dreams come true.

Curleyworld closed down years ago, forgotten on the outskirts of Colta City. So why does the Psychlotron spin? Why do trains rush over the wooden tracks of Demon’s Dare?

Dogboy, aka Bronson Black, is Colta City’s 14-year-old superhero. When the Guild of Thieves resurfaces Dogboy and his girlfriend Cindy McNeil follow a trail of abducted children to an abandoned theme park, where the general amusements hide a dark secret Dogboy was bred to uncover.

To step inside is to step out of time, into a kingdom of magic, surprises, and thrills designed to turn Dogboy’s world on its ear. How will he answer the demon’s dare?

Apologies to WQED and the producers of Kennywood Memories, who I shamelessly ripped off.

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