Top 10 Party Essentials

You’re having (attending) a party.

People are PROBABLY going to get a bit DRUNK.

What do you need to have in order to make the evening a success?

Watch our top 5 tips, then look after the jump for even more!

Here are my Top 10 Party Essentials (assuming BYOB)

Aww. Baby beer.
Aww. Baby beer.

1) Cups. Specifically PLASTIC cups. You don’t have to grab Red Solo cups, but they are advised. These cups are perfect! They can hold up to the tortures of a fierce game of flip cup, white girl wasted dancing, and a stumble and fall. You can now even get Red Solo cups in a variety of sizes…like SHOT GLASSES now. Genius! Where were these when I was in college? It is a miracle we didn’t hurt ourselves with glass shot glasses at 3am.

James or coasters? You decide!
Jams or coasters? You decide!

2) Music! Years ago we would spend a few hours the day before a party burning CDs of all of our favorite songs and then someone would be designated as the DJ. Things are so much easier now! Throw on a great Pandora or Spotify station and you’ve got yourself an awesome mix. Spotify even lets you make, save, and share playlists. How cool is that?

NOTE: Natural sunlight might kill your party
NOTE: Natural sunlight might kill your party

3) Space. A good ratio of seating to dance floor to game play…with easy access to the restroom and kitchen. I know that sounds like a lot of designated areas, but when it comes to playing host(ess) you must anticipate your guests needs.

4) A CLEAN bathroom with plenty of TP. This should go without saying, but after many a fraternity party in college I learned that boys could not be relied on for this…and neither could many bars. Ladies, don’t be afraid to carry a roll of TP in your purse when you are not sure of the party potty situation!

Gotta soak up the alcohol with something!
Gotta soak up the alcohol with something!

5) A variety of snacks! Now that I am 30-something the snacks for parties have changed. Frequently hummus and veggies are involved…sometimes bruschetta…always just a little fancier than I’d like. I can be found hovering around the pita chips like they are crack. I am a beer and a shot girl (usually) and would love to see a selection of chips, dips, and something sweet to balance it out. If I am coming to your party there is a good chance I am bringing Chips and Salsa.

6) Paper Towels and Trash Bags. I feel like this should go without saying (like the TP!) but I’m just going to put it out there! Make sure that there is an amble supply of paper towels and trash bags. With all of these plastic cups and snacks floating around there is bound to be some messes to clean up!

7) Game pieces. You never know what kind of drinking game you are going to want to play, so make sure that you are prepared! Playing cards, dice, and ping pong balls are the essentials. But you may want to add Cards Against Humanity and Just Dance! for the X-Box Kinect to add variety! If you think women are competitive on a day to day basis, you should just see what happens when you add red wine and Just Dance! All bets are off!

Don't let this be your guest!
Don’t let this be your guest!

8) Overnight Supplies! Typically when you have a party where the intention is to get DRUNK you will end up with an overnight guest or 2. Make sure that there are some spare pillows and blankets nearby so that you can tuck your friends in when they pass out. You will also want to make sure that you have yummy breakfast foods. Donuts and cinnamon rolls work great. If you are a guest who thinks you might need to crash throw an extra t-shirt and toothbrush in your car. Better to be prepared instead of brushing your teeth with your finger after one too many lemondrops.

***BONUS*** If you crash at your friend’s house and wake up before everyone, try and pick up a bit. I was always the first person to wake up after a party and would grab a trash bag to collect the empties and try to fit the dishes into the sink.

9) A Camera! We live in a society where “Pics or it didn’t happen!” is a common phrase. Make sure you have a camera on hand to document your shenanigans. Just make sure to run super embarrassing pictures past the subjects before posting on social media. I am SO GLAD that Facebook and Instagram weren’t a thing when I was in college!

10) A good attitude! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go into a party cranky (as a host or attendee). The alcohol will not make you happier. For reals. You will only end up being the person starting a fight or crying in the bathroom. I assure you that this will not make you any friends.

Top 10 Party Essentials - Universe Box -

What is on your list for party essentials? What am I missing? When is the last time that you went to a party where everyone got a little crazy?!

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