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If you haven’t heard of Patreon it’s an innovative new funding platform for independent creators. It’s been around for over a year now and we’ve been hemming and hawing over if we should take a swing at it. We finally did!

We’re offering a ton of rewards (free books, live Hangouts with you, horrible sketches, etc.) and we have a lot of goals (new gear for Anne Marie all the way up to doing Universe Box full time).


Read our pitch below, and do consider supporting us monthly with whatever you can spare. Even $1.00 will help us as we strive to bring you more quality content in 2015.

We like stories. A lot.

Almost three years of producing podcasts based around stories has shown us that a lot of you like stories two.

We currently produce three weekly podcasts, with a smattering of less regular efforts.

We’ve spent the past nine months expanding the quantity and quality of our content. We’ve gone from a simple audio podcast to a full YouTube show with an active community. Live three times a week. Usually around 8:30pm EST.

We’ve done this on our own dime and our own time (while spitting sick rhymes). We’ve developed processes, purchased equipment,invested in production quality, and tripled our weekly output.

Right now we spend 20 hours per week producing content. That’s, like, half a full time job. We love it, but a small conversion-based sponsorship and YouTube ad revenue barely cover hosting costs. So far our greatest return in this whole venture is the passionate engagement of our audience.

We want to produce more content, and we want to continue to up the quality of the stuff we’re already putting out. We have ideas at the ready, but right now we can’t realistically tackle them without our other content suffering.

This is where you come in. Listener, can you spare a dime?

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