Summer/Fall Universe Box Schedule Update

A few weeks ago we sat down with our Patrons and listeners to figure out what we wanted to do for our next set of episodes. We even went so far as to choose the boxes (segments) that we would try to incorporate into those shows. This week we decided we needed to make some small changes to the previous schedule.

The month of June has been crazy for Universe Box. While we haven’t been putting out as many episodes for Universe Box the show, we have been recording commentaries for Greetings from Storybrooke and Legends of Gotham, created the pilot episode of We’re So LOST (a LOST fancast), and packing to make a long distance move.

We had every intention of making the Hobbies and Leftovers episodes happen, but we feel that they will be higher quality episodes if we push them until the fall. We would prefer to put out an episode that we were able to give the proper amount of time and attention, rather than just slapping something together to release an episode.

We also want to encourage you to send in feedback for any past episodes for our Leftovers episode. Some listeners have been upset that they missed the opportunity to share their thoughts and this is our way of giving you a voice!

This also gives me the chance to remind you that we will be having a Secret Santa exchange for our Christmas in July episode (US only please). Who doesn’t want to give and get a present in the middle of the summer?


Full Schedule for upcoming episodes:

  • Hobbies (6/18)
  • Leftovers (6/25)
  • Cats & Dogs (7/9)
  • Mythology (7/16)
  • Politics w/ no politics promise (7/23)
  • Christmas (7/30)
  • Fitness (8/6)
  • Doctor Who (8/13)
  • Robots (8/20)
  • College (8/27)
  • TableTop (9/3)
  • Retro Futurism (9/10)

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