Guffman Memories

Tonight in the Wonder Box we have Waiting for Guffman where we will be talking with our college friend, Jason. Join us as we rehash all of our good and bad memories…and why this movie hits any theatre kid in the core.

Guffman Memories - Universe Box -

I still remember the first time I saw Waiting for Guffman. My circle of friends senior year of high school used to watch bad movies that were unintentionally funny. Often the movies chosen were picked because they had a ridiculous box cover. For instance, Jack Frost (not the one with Michael Keaton; the one with the killer snowman) was one I remember clearly. Anyway, my friends rented Waiting for Guffman because really, the cover looked absurd. It’s Corky St. Clair just standing there, but it struck them as funny. Two days later, the guys called me up and said, “we have a movie you have to watch. We thought it would be stupid, but it’s brilliant.” As we all know, it IS brilliant. Being the only one in the circle that was a theatre guy, they knew I would love it, and of course I did. The following week, I shared the movie with my theatre friends and our teacher/director. Everyone agreed it was a hit. You don’t have to be a theatre person to find the film hilarious, but I think it strikes a chord with folks like us. We knew people that acted like Ron and Sheila, we connected in a weird way with some of the other characters as well. Being young actors, I think we all had lofty ideals and even slight delusions of grandeur. “Guffman” led me to the other films by Christopher Guest. I’ve loved every one. I’ll finish by saying that if you don’t share my story on the show, then “I hate you and I hate your ASS face!”

– Jason

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