Fall Schedule Update

Howdy Storytellers!

If you didn’t hear Bill has a new job. We’re also starting back up with the fancasts here in the next couple weeks. Due to these two events we’ve decided to take two weeks off from Universe Box. It’s sad, we know, but we think it’ll allow us to come back 100% at our best for the rest of the year.

Below is the updated calendar. We apologize we won’t be there the next two Thursday, but look forward to getting back into the swing very soon!


Full Schedule for upcoming episodes:

  • Chocolate (10/01)
  • Depression (10/8)
  • Family (10/15)
  • Back to the Future (10/21)
  • Hobbies (10/29)
  • Leftovers (11/5)
  • Genetics (11/12)

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