100 Reasons Why Superman Is Cool


Hey! It’s Bill. In Episode 12 I gave myself two minutes to “geek out” on my favorite character ever Superman. I only made it about halfway through the document I prepared for the recording session, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it.

Here’s the full list:

  • He’s very colorful
  • He has a bunch of powers that work well together
  • He always tries to do what’s right
  • He never hurts somebody if he can help it
  • He shows compassion to his enemies
  • His main weakness is being a really good person
  • He’s a muckraking journalist using the truth to change his city
  • As Clark Kent he’s a sharp dresser
  • I identify with him
    • My father dies before I was born. His legend drives and haunts me much like Jor-El does for Superman
    • He moved from a small rural area to a major city because of his great ambition
    • He’s not satisfied with superficial relationships. He wants Lois to like him for who he is, not what he can do.
  • He’s so good at saving the day people think he’s overpowered. He’s not even the most powerful person on the Justice League (that’s Martian Manhunter).
  • He’s not afraid to wear his underwear on the outside.
  • Lois & Clark taught me what a healthy romantic relationship looks like
  • One of his main villains is a god-like being from the 5th dimension, but Supes is so likable Mr. Mxyzptlk only plays pranks on him.
  • His best friend Jimmy Olsen is a screw-up with money problems.
  • Even though he could kill Batman from a mile away he gives him a fair fight whenever they end up in fisticuffs
  • Lois Lane was my dream girl
  • There are more colors of Kryptonite than colors of the rainbow
  • He’s a scientist who’s constantly trying to cure Earth diseases in his fortress lab
  • He’s so universal that he’s both a Christ-figure and a Moses figure.
  • He pulls off the boots.
  • Everybody looks more powerful in a Superman suit.
  • He saved Lucy Ricardo when she climbed out on the ledge
  • Clark Kent is the world master at making excuses to exit a conversation
  • He’s the only one still using phone booths
  • The only person Jor-El trusted to tell when and where Superman’s rocket would land was Albert freaking Einstein
  • He had multiple personality disorder back in the 90’s and dressed up as a vigilante named Gangbuster
  • He trusted JFK with his secret identity
  • One time he became a Super Lion!
  • He’s a living solar battery.
  • His girlfriend was trained by a green beret
  • Every Silver Age Superman cover makes him look like a jerk
  • Metropolis is a mash-up of Cleveland (a town I’ve lived in) and Toronto (a great city in Canada)
  • Whenever he loses his powers he still ends up fighting crime
  • He’s the reason I wear black-framed glasses
  • He lets people underestimate Clark Kent
  • He does everything with a wink
  • He’s the world’s greatest actor (next to Gary Oldman).
  • One time he took Lois to see the Fleischer Superman cartoons at the movies but forgot they reveal his secret identity
  • He’s the most recognized superhero in the world, and in the top 5 most recognized fictional characters
  • He has great hair
  • Pre-Crisis Superman can fly fast enough to break the time barrier
  • Superboy tried to save Lincoln from being assassinated, although he was foiled by Lex Luthor.
  • Superman protects the weak. He’s a champion of the oppressed, not a tool of the system
  • He doesn’t trust the government or the military implicitly
  • He’s an honorary citizen in every country
  • He created his arch-nemesis by saving his life
  • He can turn coal into diamonds by squeezing them
  • Superman is a constant within the multiverse. Even worlds that don’t have a Superman are defined by his absence
  • Supergirl is one of the few female counterparts who is as good a character as the male version
  • His death back in the 90s was so huge it dominated international headlines and inflated the comic book bubble
  • Even people who hated Man of Steel can’t stop talking about it
  • Lois & Clark was the first modern superhero show to appeal to people across demos. Soap opera fans, comic book fans, and TV fans all loved it.
  • I have a Superman tattoo to help me remember to always try to be nice.
  • Superman is a character who can be adapted to any era. The New 52 version feels just as “real” and relevant as the Byrne one.
  • He mind wipes everybody he meets
  • He’s friends with Batman!
  • He keeps a miniaturized Kryptonian city on his shelf. The people are still inside. Guess it’s kind of creepy.
  • Kel-Ex the helper robot
  • His home planet had a civil war over cloning
  • In some version he was sent to Earth in an artificial womb
  • Doomsday, his most formidable opponent, was created by killing a baby over and over again over 1,000 years.
  • Usually when people offer him more power he declines, which probably means he deserves it
  • You can write a cool Superman story in any genre with any level of villain
  • He only lies to protect his loved ones… Usually
  • He learned Torquasm-Vo, a Kryptonian martial art where you fight in a virtual arena you create IN YOUR FREAKING MIND
  • An alternate Earth Superman could shape reality by punching it
  • I just think he’s kind of cool.

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