Legends of Gotham #101 – (S03E20) Jim in a Box

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss the penultimate episode of Gotham Season 3!

(S03E20) – Will Bruce end his madness after killing the Court? Getting revenge leaves him feeling short. Will Lee’s love for Jim lead to his death? He rethinks the breakup while gasping for breath. Does Penguin have soldiers? Not any more. Will Fish conscript him, or is she still sore? Is Union Station the new madness canteen? Citizens drink up the virus from a “Pretty Hate Machine.”

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Greetings from Storybrooke #182 S06E21 22 The Deeper the Crime

Join Liz, Tony, Bobby and special guest Bill Meeks as they discuss the season (or is it series?) finale of Once Upon A Time

(S06E21-22) Emma’s just crazy (or so she’s been told). A result of a curse from the mother of Gold. She’s stranded the others in Fairytale Land but Henry’s determined to give them a hand. Without Emma’s belief the lands start to crumble, so Henry decides to get help from Rumple. When Gold makes the fairy dust fit for an urn, in a flash the town’s memories start to return. Yet that’s not quite the end, the savior’s vision still stands. It’s Emma v. Gideon for the sake of the lands. Will Emma fight this time? The answer is nope, because she’s determined the true power is hope. As good defeats evil the realms reappear and everyone gets a happy BEGINNING…is that clear? But wait?!? Who’s that girl? Is that Henry? Seattle? We start a new book in this week’s “Final Battle”.

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Legends of Gotham #100 – (S03E19) #ButlerLife

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss the latest episode of GOTHAM!

(S03E19) Why does Barnes wear a painted-on mask? To separate his present from past. How many statues did the court make? Their maps can survive a Joker-sourced break. Will Penguin kill Riddler? We’ll find out next week. Can Ed stand up to an army of freaks? Is Lee damned now, or will Jim clean her blood? Whatever comes next, “All Will Be Judged.”

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Legends of Gotham #99 – (S03E18) This Is Only A Tetch

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss this week’s episode of Gotham!

(S03E18) – Are Jim’s machinations a little too blatant? Kathryn discovers he’s a dumb double agent. Can he stop the Tetch virus from infecting the city? The cleansing of Gotham is done by committee. Will Ivy heal Catgirl? She can, with her plant. Will Lee’s vengeful queries turn into a rant? When Bruce drops his rage will everything click? A new stage is set in this week’s “Light the Wick.”

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Greetings from Storybrooke Episode #181 – (S06E20) La La Fairytale Land

(S06E20) – Snow has made a wish so everybody sings out loud and strong! What could possibly even go wrong. There’s a powerful magic when two hearts combine, but the Evil Queen has another thing in mind! A curse she plans to enact that is true. What will the citizens in the Enchanted Forest do?? They will sing and dance to their heart’s content so that the Evil Queen’s wrath isn’t so hell bent. No evil can pull Emma’s loved ones apart in this week’s episode “The Song In Your Heart.”

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Legends of Gotham #98 – (S03E17) Shut Up, Jim!

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone as they discuss the latest episode of Gotham!

What is the riddle Ed couldn’t solve? The group around which all of Gotham revolves. Will #PengyPlants assemble the freaks? They find fire and ice in their very first week! Will Jim fool the Court? Who even knows? What if all Alfred knows of Bruce Wayne is his clothes? If Babs ain’t on top will she settle for middle? The Owls are endangered in “The Primal Riddle.”

PLUS: An exclusive voicemail from the ALL-NEW FIREFLY!

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Greetings from Storybrooke Episode #180 – (S06E19) The Baby Hunter

Join Bobby, Liz, and Tony as they discuss the latest episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time!

(S06E19) – The tale of the Black Fairy is one we haven’t heard. Is she evil or is she good? The lines are certainly getting blurred. Rumple’s dreamworld reveals oh so much as we learn his mother was mortal once. Gideon and Emma help Rumple uncover that his mother always loved him (or so we discover). Rumple’s destiny was to become the savior, yet the shears of destiny cut that off (not doing him any favors). The Black Fairy became who she was to protect her son, a great evil that cannot be undone. Not everything is coming up merry in this week’s episode “The Black Fairy.”

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