Our Own Holovect

Jaime Ruiz Avila (inventor of the Holovect) created us our own 3D laser Universe Box logo!

The Holovect Mk II is a self-contained laser-based volumetric display system that fits on your lab bench or desktop. It is the perfect companion to a 3D printer and a stand-alone educational or promotional device. The Holovect Mk II is the first commercially available, laser-based desktop “holographic” display, capable of drawing 3D objects in air with light.

Support his Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2029950924/holovect-holographic-vector-display

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Legends of Gotham #86 – (S03E05) The Pocket Square Solution

Join Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone to talk about FOX’s hit series Gotham.

(S03E05) – Who betrays who at high society functions? Parties with booze expose mayoral malfunctions. Is Bruce finally ready to claim what he’s chasing? He can’t quite say with lips interlacing. Did Harvey miss Ed? I’d assume not. Will Barnes keep his secret to service the plot? If Butch is so loyal why mow down his crew? Turns out he won’t do “Anything For You.”

NOTE: Chat will be available at http://www.live.universebox.com

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